Sam Chivers' eighties and cosmic compositions

Born in 1974, Sam Chivers is an illustrator who lives and works in Brighton, UK. His work intelligently combines graphic elements, lines, patterns, flat surfaces, and figurative elements. The visuals created by Sam Chivers develop a unique vocabulary and suggest a real talent for pure drawing. Nourished by different influences and at the crossroads of several disciplines, he works with many international clients.

The visuals of Sam Chivers plunge their readers into an alternative universe that refers to a pseudo-realistic world populated by images of vintage video games and 80’s reference. A strong narrative potential inhabits his works, which plays on an assumed ambiguity and invites speculation. His favorite subjects are science fiction, cosmos and fantasy, which he regularly combines with his fascination with landscapes and nature.

It is represented by Début Art Ltd. And his works are shown at the NoWalls Gallery in Brighton, at Nelly Duff in London and at the Soma Gallery in Bristol. The work of Sam Chivers is presented in the portfolio of Cercle Magazine N ° 2 – Science-Fiction

We were here
Volcano Road
The Returns
Shutov Assembly
Not for rental
Lighthouse in the east, 2013
Distant Gods


Dark days, 2014


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