Animated poems by Yukai Du

Yukai Du comes from Guangzhou (China). Graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, she lives and works today in London. Her artworks are a mix between flat images and animation. The gifs presented are a first series of ten images entitled[...]

Illustrations by Rob Bailey

Hailing from Manchester, Rob Bailey's distinctive imagery is created not by line work but by combining shapes. Always beautifully observed yet heavily stylised, his work is sometimes bold and reductive but, when necessary is more complex and detailed. Although his image-creation process tends to begin[...]

Owen Davey's book Smart about sharks

Owen Davey is an award-winning illustrator, graduated in illustration from the Falmouth University. He lives and works as freelance in Leicestershire (UK). Very prolific, in 2016 he illustrates a children book titled Smart about sharks, published by Flying Eye Books. 40 pages drawn carefully, dedicated[...]

The elegance of Jack Hughes

Oozing the cigarette-and-cocktail style of the 1950s, YCN Professional Award winner Jack Hughes’ characters live in a world of sharp suits, coiffed hair and fast cars. London-based Jack graduated from Kingston University in 2011 and now dedicates his time to conjuring up worlds for clients[...]

Ryoji Nakajima illustrations

Born in 1976, freelance illustrator and painter Ryoji Nakajima is based in Osaka, Japan. He graduated from Kobe University, Faculty of Human Development. His illustration work is recognizable by the use of bold lines and simple colors. He also works for magazines, books, products, and[...]

Stacey Rozich watercolors

Stacey Rozich paints a folkloric narrative that draws inspiration from many cultural references building scenarios pulled from a realm of familiar fictional archetypes and traditions. Influence is taken from travel, world textiles, childhood memories and the many many hours spent watching television. All works are[...]

Morgana Wallace fantasy collage

Morgana Wallace is an illustrator, she works and lives in Victoria, Canada. She plays with paper and scissors to create fantastic universes and to explore myths, which seem to refer to Scandinavian or Japanese legends. Her characters, masked and dressed up mix numerous inspirations. Her[...]
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