Semilla Salvaje, floral design in Madrid

Irene Rodríguez (Semilla Salvaje)’s background is unexpected. She traveled a lot right after her studies in History and later in Art. Then, she discovered the culture of flowers and developed a real crush for it. She began to take a great interest in floral design and began to research colors or shapes and to explore all the possibilities offered by flowers with great freedom of expression. Back in Madrid, she opened Semilla Salvaje, an online shop-gallery concept where she notably distributes Cercle Magazine n°9 : Fleurs.

What is the concept of Semilla Salvaje
At first I realized that in Madrid, you could either always find the same four flowers (the basics) in every shop, or find flowers a little more special but at a golden price. I then wanted to democratize floral design, by offering original bouquets at moderate prices. The formula worked very well, we were eager to source some varieties that we are not used to see. We now offer different limited edition bouquets every week, and we also do a lot of editorial photography, events… Flower culture is expanding in Spain.

In general, what is your relationship with the floral world and flowers?
Flowers reflect the expression of our feelings, they are concentrates of poetry that nature offers us. I really enjoy watching them and trying to express myself with whatever comes into my hand. What I prefer is working with “raw” materials, as they are in nature. I try to respect seasons, I use surpluses, grasses found by the roadside … it’s a wonderful challenge to adapt to its shapes and colors, to find the correct angle, the perfect combination.

What are your future plans?
Since travel has brought me to floral art, I would like floral art to take me on travel, and discover with ever more amazement the indomitable subtleties of botany.


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