Inside Sun city, America's retirees dreamy community, by Peter Granser

Peter Granser is an austrian photographer who lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany. _Sun City_ series (2000–2001) is his first photographic project, and over the years, he has already established and developed a specific eye and a significant style in his projects. He first became aware of Sun City in a german newspaper. Sun City is a retirement colony in the southwest of America (Arizona) for people over 55 years of age. 38000 persons live there. Far from a boring image of retirement, Sun City is a haven for locals, many activities, such as shooting or swimming, are on offer and residents are encouraged to share their eccentric egos and nostalgic tastes. More than 70 cities like Sun City exit in United-States , and none in Europe. The photographic _Sun City_ series was the subject of a Peter Granser’s book published in 2006 at Benteli Verlag.

Man with a bag, 2000/2001
Tip Top Dancers, 2000/2001
Front Garden 11, 2000/2001
Man at a Barbecue, 2000/2001
Hot Dogs Enter, 2000/2001
Kitchen, 2000/2001
Man with a Gun, 2000/2001
Front Garden 3, 2000/2001
Woman and Poodle, 2000/2001
Couple in a Pool 2, 2000/2001
Front Garden 12, 2000/2001

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