Delicate Distortion

A graduate in graphic arts in Paris, Camille Lévrier specializes very quickly in publishing and illustration. In 2013, she created her own independent structure, Délicate Distorsion, in which she developed a transversal artistic vision. Camille Lévrier concentrates mainly on the practice of drawing, which allows him to explore his delicate and sensitive world, sometimes dark and inspired by the natural sciences.

Favoring ink, the finesse of the lines and the piles of details, the artist takes her references in encyclopedic drawings, macro photography or spatial views among others, which she then exploits on scarves, bags, and prints. The insect occupies an important place in its work, and becomes a symbol of Man’s relationship with Nature.

Camille Lévrier regularly exhibits at the Galerie Akiza, Paris, specializing in dark arts.

Arsenic, 2014
Foulard Caelifera, 2014
Memento Mori II, 2014
Nocturnes, foulard soie, détail, 2015


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