A better world by Justine Kurland

Justine Kurland is a photographer born in 1969 in the US state of New York. She is known for her utopian and neo-romantic photographs of American landscapes and marginal communities, real and imagined, that inhabit them. Justine Kurland takes her photos during trips across the country that reveal the double-edged nature of the American dream. It presents a reality where utopia and dystopia are not polar opposites, but rather combine in a difficult coexistence. The work of Justine Kurland is a documentary style in the tradition of underground American photography. Her series Spirit West or Another Girl, Another Planet portrays a world in which nature and humanity cohabit in harmony and in which the woman seems to be at the heart of societies. She’s represented by Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

His work has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries in the United States and abroad.

Wild Palms, 2006
Walking The Rowena Dells
The Mud Puddle, 2001
Spirit West series
Sea Stack, 2006
Mama Baby, Ocean View, 2006
Burn The Land & Boil The Oceans (Principles of Geometry cover)

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