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Tom Shearer grew up on the Midwestern plains of the United States. He always had a fascination for the technical side of things and could occasionally be seen taking apart a non-functional watch or clock just to see how it worked. Unfortunately, he was not as adept at getting them back together again. In high school, a generous teacher noticed Tom’s interest in photography and lent him an expensive single lens reflex camera to document a trip the class took to the Appalachian region of the U.S.. Acquiring his first DSLR in 2006, Tom began experimenting with the technique known as focus stacking. The technique involves blending multiple images, sometimes as many as 40-50 separate images, each taken on a slightly different focus plane. The result is a hyper-focused image that overcomes the downside of single image analogue macro photography — a severely limited depth of focus.

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Ocean Jasper, 2011
Ocean Jasper 2
St Egidien Thunderegg
Red saucers
Poppy Japser bird, 2017
Laguna ruin, 2011
Kazakh Thunderegg, 2011
Fairburn Agate with St Egidien platelets, 2015
Condor Agate, 2011

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