The fabric artworks of Mariko Kusumoto, expert in the fiber art field

Mariko Kusumoto is a Japanese designer whose creations fascinate with their finesse and uniqueness. Born in 1967 in Kumamoto (Japan), she grew up in a 400-year-old Buddhist temple on the island of Kyushu, surrounded by lush vegetation and serenity. After studying in Japan (Musashino Art University, Tokyo), she left for the United States where she continued her artistic training (Academy of Art University, San Francisco). Drawing inspiration from her childhood memories, Kusumoto draws her ideas from the source of what shapes her personality. Her practice of metal, like that of  resin and textile fibers, denotes a great technical complexity. Her work with fibers is inspired by natural forms and gives rise to objects and jewelry whose effects of transparency, delicacy and lightness enchantingly evoke the flora and fauna of the marine world. The anemones, sea urchins, corals and other species that inhabit her creations adopt soft, pastel hues, enough to make you want to take a dip in these imaginary waters.


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