The disturbing paintings of Kazuhiro Hori

Kazuhiro Hori was born in Japan in 1969. He graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. Having made painting his main discipline, he portrays a certain nightmare vision of adolescence in his troubling works. The surrealist paintings of the Japanese artist depict young girls in colorful environments filled with soft toys and sweets. The created contrast is disturbing and directly inspired by some traditional Shunga Japanese erotic prints.

Kazuhiro Hori’s work is published and interviewed in Cercle magazine #6 Dreams

Kazuhiro Hori, Angel
Kazuhiro Hori, baptism
Kazuhiro Hori, Gravity
Kazuhiro Hori, la dolce vita
Kazuhiro Hori, Magical girl is born
Kazuhiro Hori, Predation

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