Sulfur Minors by Daesung Lee

Daesung Lee is a Korean photographer who lives and works in Paris. To produce his Sulfur Minors series, Daesung Lee spent several weeks with the men who go down to the bottom of the Kawah ljen volcano on the island of Java in Indonesia to extract sulphur in extreme conditions.

Read Daesung Lee‘s interview in Cercle Magazine n°7: Volcanoes.

Sulfur miners preparing the baskets that filled with sulfur before carrying on their shoulders. The sulfur that they carry at once weights 70-100 kg.
The miners climb up with from the bottom of the crater where sulfur extracted.
The miners load the sulfur in their baskets. They cover their mouth with a wet hangerchief to filtrate sulfur smoke.
The miners cover their faces not to breathe the sulfur gas.
The miners are in change of their work. The older miners spread waters on the pipes to cool down the sulfur gas for transforming into solid. It is also a process to avoid explosion of the pipes due to high pressure.

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