Lyndie Dourthe and her decortications

Lyndie Dourthe has been a visual artist for 8 years and works today near Paris. His creative work encompasses textile sculptures, installations, jewelry in unique pieces And also photographic works.

Lyndie began her experiments in 2004, with her first series, “Naturalia”, a blend of paper and fabric flowers. This first theme around botany was soon enriched with more general research on the natural sciences.

Between poetry and curiosity, Lyndie Dourthe creates collections that she arranges in small boxes and label with care. She presents her creations in the form of a miniature cabinet of personal curiosities.

She is currently working on a series called “Mirabilia” __, inspired by curiosities, vanities and ex-voto. The surprising result is a clever mixture of body, science and poetry. _ “My work tries to take a strange and delicate look at the world around us, a shifted vision, between sweetness and violence, flowering and rotting. Bones, blood, fruits, butterflies, … what is perishable, ephemeral and fragile, fascinates us and repels us at the same time. ”

Lyndie Dourthe participates in the exhibition-sale of the Pépins “walk in the woods” At the Espace Beaurepaire in Paris from 18 to 23 December.


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