In the Unlocated Worlds of Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa

Partners at work and in life, Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa are passionate about the natural environments they encounter. Both photographers, they teamed up in 2015 and since then have never individually signed an image.

They travel the globe and set off to meet the land that separates them: Ning Kai residing in China and Sabrina Scarpa in New Zealand. “From east to west, we seek places that bring us closer to nature, to capture and convey the organic poetry and harmony we witness therein” tells the duo.

Their work reflects both their love for pure exploration and the natural and ethereal environments they encounter. Flowers are therefore, for Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa, a favorite subject. “When we photograph flowers, we want to convey their brilliance and beauty. Watching them bloom, we feel a magical awakening” they explain.

The images of Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa are deeply imbued with a sense of calm. The two photographers capture their journey across the world, without locating the places they explore. Instead, they prefer navigating in the timeless myth of earthly paradise, where the boundaries between reality and chimera are blurred.

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