Illustrator Ana Popescu deploys narratives around emptiness

For illustrator Ana Popescu who lives and works in Vienna, Austria, voids are the very protagonists of her story. “In my vision, empty spaces and their details tell a story. They leave a lot of room for the imagination. ”

In her compositions drawn with pencil, felt-tip pen or acrylic, she admits being attracted by light. “Its relationship with objects, shapes and colors and its ability to change a scene is fascinating.”

Ana Popescu draws what she sees and what she photographs. “My eyes are drawn to details and rather mundane things.” In the places she illustrates rare are the identifiable human figures. “I really like the clear and defined shapes in my work; I’m more drawn to the representation of fairly concise patterns. The shape of people are generally more organic.”

Ana Popescu’s illustrations open a window into her daily life, her gaze on emptiness and the stories that its tells.


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