Vintage collages by Bryan Olson

Bryan Olson is a self-taught artist from Chicago. Today based in Charlotte, North Carolina, he created wonderful collages, meticulously crafted handmade works.

The artist likes to play on the contrasts between moving and abstract forms and imposing masses. He often produces science fiction imagery and created parallel universes that are highly referenced, populated by unusual situations and strange landscapes. The human presence then becomes an anomaly evolving in these surrealist universes in which the bodies never seem in their place. In the work of Bryan Olson, man also sometimes leaves room for massive architectures that invade the central place of the image. Differences in scale are particularly mastered by the artist, who tends to encourage the marriage of the familiar and the bizarre.

Bryan Olson recently collaborated on Gestalten’s The Age of Collage. Bryan Olson’s work is also featured in the portfolio pages of Cercle Magazine # 2: Science Fiction.

Ultra 2 Big, Collage
Youth observator, Collage
Strange grass, Collage
Projections, Collage
Frontiers 480, Collage
Fragility, Collage
Eternal Dice, Collage
Contact, Collage


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