Aaron Siskind viewpoint on magma

Born in 1903, New York artist Aaron Siskind began his career as an English teacher before joining the New York film and Photo League in 1932. A pioneer of modern photography and published regularly, he became co-publisher of Choice magazine in 1960.

His work is already exhibited regularly around the world when the Aaron Siskind Foundation is created in order to manage his collection of vintage photographs and to support contemporary photography.

Deceased in 2001, Aaron Siskind focused on developing a work based on details related to nature and architecture, revealing unique and new textures and surfaces. His Volcano series is visible at Moma in New York.

Volcano 54, Aaron Siskind, 1980
Volcano 1, Aaron Siskind, 1980
Volcano 106, Aaron Siskind, 1980
Volcano 50, Aaron Siskind, 1980
Volcano 111, Aaron Siskind, 1980

Volcano 103, Aaron Siskind, 1980

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