Wald aus Wald

These ghost trees by the Japanese artist Takashi Kuribayashi were created to integrate the exhibition Vision of Nature: Lost & Found in Asian Contemporary Art, dedicated to celebrating nature and its connection to art. It was at the Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts[...]

Nylon Cherry Forest

Consisting exclusively of polypropylene pipes and nylon cables, this installation, PP Trees, created by designer Tom Price, occupied an entire room at the Washington Industry Gallery in 2011. The work refers directly to the iconic cherry trees of Washington and questions our relationship to the[...]

The art of accommodating game

Françoise Petrovich had invested the museum of hunting and nature at the end of 2011. From this unusual exhibition in this historic place, a series of twelve engraved and embossed cardboard plates forming L'art d'accomoder le gibier, replaces the precious porcelain dishes usually presented at the[...]

Years by Bartholomäus Traubeck

The German artist Bartholomäus Traubeck produced Years, an amazing sound work. Born in Munich in 1987, the artist lives and studies between Rotterdam and Lintz in Austria. The theme that emerges from his work is the paradox between nature and technology as proved by this[...]
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