• #10

Cercle magazine Parade



Listen to me, look at me! It’s an order, I impose myself on your eyes. I exist and I want you to know this. I’m dressed to the nines. I’ve filled out with a few extra pages, I give myself in several languages to parade through your hands, throughout this new layout. I want to seduce you, to reclaim my identity, to be your chosen one and experience a moment of jubilation with you. Without your gaze, without the attention of others, parades have no meaning. I build cities, States, I dance, march, charm, draw and adorn myself, I show myself. Can you see my social status, my power, my capacities? What is the point of this decorum without a witness? If such outer signs can mark an individuality, they are also the bearings of collective belonging and creators of social links. It’s what makes the complexity and beauty of the thing. Let’s parade happy and proud of existing together. Let’s parade for each one of us to have their rightful citizenship.