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Cercle magazine Mythologia



At first transmitted orally, then through writing, the myth is a story, it relates something.  This narration around a fictional tale is what makes human beings distinctive. And so, each population has its own founding story, which, following migrations, has developed and been nourished by other stories. From the mythology of a people, an event, a person or a theme, these myths have permeated our way of understanding history, geography and the arts.  Through desire to give things meaning, this powerful permeation of the myth sometimes requires analysis, so that we can understand our past, comprehend our present and envisage our future.  We also wanted to approach this theme as a traveller rather than a pilgrim. Rather than covering each and every mythology, our desire it to approach stories in an arbitrary fashion, guided by our curiosity – which is obviously steeped in our culture. Following this common thread of visual and written narration, Cercle met a historian, a dancer and choreographer, an anthropologist and an astrobiologist, whose work and research is in areas with mythological significance. Roaming through the founding narratives of the creation of humanity by way of the construction of an idea and the interpretation of a myth as a source of creation, we observe our way of life with regard to mythological figures and open a window onto the future. We also voyage from the colossal to the tiny, from the brutal to the illuminated, from the iconic to the heroic, from the depths of the Earth to far distant galaxies!  Through the prism of writing, photography, painting, music, video or just a simple fragrance, whatever the medium, we are always partial to listening to stories, from every time and every region of the globe.  Once upon a time…