• #8

Cercle magazine Ghosts


  • Released on : Spring 2020
  • Format : 20 x 26,5cm
  • ISSN : 2267-7399
  • ISBN : 978-2-95441757-8
  • 136 pages
  • Interviews: Caroline Callard, historian, Felipe Ribon, designer, Stéphane du Mesnildot, reviewer, Mack Rides, makers of ghost trains and haunted houses
    Jules Julien (France), Stephan Tillmans (Germany), Angela Deane (USA), Akos Major (Hungary), Eduardo Mata Icaza (Costa Rica), Eva Feuchter (Germany), Josh Courlas (USA), Rhys Ziemba (USA).
    Font design: Karrik, Jean-Baptiste Morizot and Lucas le Bihan
    Pia Interlandi, Synagogue de Delme Centre d’art contemporain, Victor Hugo, Allan Kardec, Fuse, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Rachel Whiteread…
    Contributors:  Léo Puel, Emilie Fernandez, Louise von Cronenberger, La Cabane Strasbourg, Marie Fuzet, Simon Pages, Christelle Dion, Stella Amar, Marion Cole, Emma Pampagnin-Migayrou
    Partners: LISAA StrasbourgHEAR

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If ‘ghost’ is an essentially impalpable term with blurry outlines, one thing is for sure, they are among us! We are not trying to find out whether or not they exist – to each his own idea – but rather to understand what they evoke via this state of simultaneous presence and absence. Throughout history, via philosophical, artistic and scientific questioning, and the passing on of fabulous tales, ghosts have followed the course of our cultures and societies. Through them, it’s our relationship to sensations and time that is in question. They are a metaphor of the past and representative of a certain form of memory. Ghosts are also a perfect outlet and object of entertainment. Thus, like a spectrograph, this eighth edition of Cercle reveals on paper a ghostly selec-tion seen through the prisms of history, objects, film and attraction. So, Spirits, are you there?