Cercle Magazine n°11: Mythologia
Urban Myths
A project by Cercle Magazine & Desired Landscapes

Cercle is an independent and thematic magazine published once a year. Each year, a new issue. Each issue, a new topic. Cercle attempts to gather information around the theme and to offer a support that values contemporary artistic creation, culture and science.
Cercle Magazine was founded by the members of Cercle Studio: Marlène Astrié, Maxime Pintadu and Marie Secher in September 2011 in Strasbourg, France, joined in 2021 by Louise Cronenberger.
For its eleventh issue, Cercle Magazine explores the theme of Mythology. From founding myths to contemporary myths, under sociological, artistic, scientific or historical aspects, the magazine gives place to numerous stories and experiences that are increasingly diverse and fantastic! Interviews, a selection of artists in its portfolio pages, but also various columns will give the floor to numerous contributors from all over the world.
To accompany the launch of Cercle Magazine, an exhibition of five European artists was held in Strasbourg, as well as an urban display of some of their work.
Cercle Magazine continues its exploration of cycle, travel and transformation through a collaborative project with Desired Landscapes, an Athens-based magazine. Urban Myths will take the form of a guided tour through Athens on the 13th of May about Urban Myths.
Urban Myths is a walk through the heart of Athens to discover its urban myths. Dormant stories that circulate among local residents, or fascinated tourists. From ancient symbols and ownership myths, to the lost allure of commerce and illegible Greek typography. All blent together, to the point that “The person who thinks he has found the ultimate truth is wrong.” as Campbell thinks.
Following the tour, we will gather to celebrate the release of the limited edition Urban Myths publication printed in Riso by Dolce Publishers.
Cercle Magazine and Urban Myths publications will be available for sale at Dolce.

Can wait to see you! <3

Walking tour in Athens

Urban Myths
From 4pm to 6pm
Urban Myths Walking tour meeting point
@ Omónia district
at the junction with 3is Septemvriou
at 4pm

Get-Together event
From 6pm
@ Dolce Publishing,
Sina 62 Athens 106 72

CERCLE MAGAZINE is an independent French thematic magazine published once a year that promotes contemporary art, culture and science.

DESIRED LANDSCAPES is a pocket-sized magazine and a series of walks reading into a diverse mix of cities, collectively exploring the sense of place through visual culture.

DOLCE is a publishing house based in Athens, which designs, publishes and distributes artists’ books and publications.

Project supported under the Cultural Fund of the Triennial Contract 2021-2023 Strasbourg European Capital