Launching Cercle Magazine #6 – Dreams

For the launch of its sixth issue about Dreams, Cercle Magazine, in collaboration with the AEDAEN gallery, offers a selection of works by artists in an exhibition under the sign of dream. Belief, illusion or envy, dream of glory or reverie, the dream can take as many shapes as there are individuals. Through the eyes of artists with varied approaches, Cercle, which this year includes a new design, continues the approach of the magazine: question a theme through the prism of arts and sciences.

From thursday 19th to monday 23rd of april
 Exhibition at AEDAEN gallery, 1A Rue des Aveugles, 67000 Strasbourg
Thursday 19th of april 18h Vernissage in the presence of the artists
Thursday 19th of april 19h Culinary and ceramic installation by Agata Felluga and Emmanuelle Giora
Saturday 21st of april 17h Talk by Marie Heyd L’Art et le Rêve au XXe et XXIe siècle (In french)

Craig Burrows (California – photography)
Fantine Andrès (Strasbourg – drawing)
Bill Noir (Strasbourg – collage)
Pierre Frigeni (Strasbourg – photography)
Adrià Fruitos (Strasbourg – Illustration)
Kevin Lucbert (Berlin – Illustration)
Simon Pagès (Strasbourg – photography)
Marie Secher (Strasbourg – photography)
Yun-Jung Song (Strasbourg – sculpture)
Ori Toor (Tel-Aviv – illustration)
Emmanuelle Giora (Strasbourg – silkscreen printing)

Craig Burrows, Bee Balm

Craig Burrows has been practicing photography since 2010, teaching himself through a combination of practice, online resources, and an academic background including physics.

Fantine Andres Fleurs Fanées series

Fantine Andrès draws in pencil lead scenes composed of found objects, materials, hair, birds as if they had been saved from a strange cataclysm … She began her drawing work with a documentation phase. She photographs selected objects for their different aspects, textures, colors, lights, in order to constitute a bank of images. These are stored, sorted, used or put aside … to finally be assembled.

Ori Toor, Vkvkvkvkvkvkvk, Gibberish Words series

Oui Toor is a Tel-Aviv based illustrator, animator and avid doodler. Deals mostly with experimental 2d animation and obsessively drawing heaps of noodly landscapes and shapes. No sketching or planning. Always improvising.

Emmanuelle Giora, Souvenirs from... series

The work of Emmanuelle Giora is hybrid, often between drawing and printing, between tagged images and experimentation, difficult to define. It is about perpetual Remix, images, time, colors and gestures.

Kevin Lucbert Dédale, Blue Lines Series

Kevin Lucbert is a French artist born in 1985 in Paris. Awarded a diploma in 2008 of the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris, he lives and works today between Berlin and Paris. Member of an artist collective, The Ensaders, he participates regularly in performances, exhibitions and leads workshops of drawing.

Yun-Jung Song, grès émaillé

Yun-Jung Song‘s works are crossed by his Korean origins. Living for several years in France, she practices sculpture, drawing and installation. Mainly contextual, these works are linked to his experience of uprooting and to both personal and collective memory.

Simon Pages Méta-Réalités series

Simon Pages questions reality in a metaphysical approach and shows in his photographs another perception of the world on the border between dream and reality.

Pierre Frigeni Neon NiteMare

Nourished by urban culture, Pierre Frigeni‘s work revolves around notions of movement and circulation. He uses his physical practice of the city, that of skateboarding, to reinterpret the urban space graphically. Geometry and orthogonality of forms, displacement and construction in space.

Marie Secher Untersimonswald

Through her photographs, Marie Secher explores landscapes and questions reality. Her approach, between appearance and disappearance, focuses on highlighting the search for photographic silence.

Adria Fruitos I have a dream

Adrià Fruitos makes illustrations for the international press. He approach a variety of social, political and economic topics drawing inspiration from the collective imagination. His illustrations are loaded with symbolism.

Bill Noir, Collage series

Bill Noir explores and disseminates his interests for the image via self-publishing within “mékanik copulaire”. His collages are the result of wandering. The combination of research, recovery, the collection of images and singular books, and the time devoted to the classification, the clearing, the organization of the “disorder” which characterizes the space of creation. It is the attraction to the image as object which is the motor of its desire to stick.