Cercle x Clément Lunetier

Born out of the desire to create and show beautiful achievements, Cercle signed its first collaboration with the French brand Clément Lunetier. Passionate, curious and demanding, it is because they share the same convictions and wish to highlight the creation, the craftsmanship and the work of time, that Cercle Magazine x Clément Lunetier have created this unique and timeless model of unisex sunglasses Sable.


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Designed in their Strasbourg based workshop, Sable model has been conceived in accordance with the spirit and the graphic mind of the magazine Cercle. Unique, elegant and contemporary, each pair of glasses testifies to the refinement and creativity of the artisan Clément Lunetier.

It is the experimentation and the search for materials and essences with singular properties that give these unique sunglasses its fine quality spirit..

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Setting : Structure assembly in cherry, maple and walnut. Plating front face chips of cellulose acetate and wood.
Frameworks : Stainless steel, manufactured in Jura, France.
Glass : Premium grade polarized lenses, category 3, antireflective coating on the inner face, in accordance with the European standards in force
Weight : 24 grams

Clément Lunetier know-how

Clément Lunetier is a unique brand, created by two men, passionate and creative, Benjamin Decarreau and Vincent Flachaire.
Tired of traditional eyewear and major brands, they wanted to design and manufacture iconoclastic and customizable models, without compromising on elegance or on their core values.
Clément Lunetier was born after many exchanges around the passion for eyewear and the fascination of creation.
The glasses are thought for each individual. Each frame is a unique combination of original materials (wood, metal…), and handmade in their Strasbourg workshop.
Several years of work has been necessary to re-learn ancestral gestures and sharpen the know-how, always with the requirement of a job well done.
Designed for Cercle, these lightweight glasses are designed to match the lines and curves of the face, respecting the materials used, and designed for total comfort.
Each model is unique, produced on demand, bearer of meaning, aesthetics and originality.


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Conversation with Clément Lunetier

Since when does Clément Lunetier exist?
We launched the project at the end of 2014. And the activity has really started six months after. We already have some selected partnerships with opticians in France and we continue to look for distributors who share the same guidelines in terms of belief and product.

All your models are created on site. How did you develop your expertise?
What we were interested in right from the beginning was the manufacturing principle and the design of the glasses. Clément Lunetier was born from the meeting of these two questions. We really started in terms of knowledge and in terms of manufacturing. We spent two years to develop and acquire the know-how adapted to the tools. Then of course to think the product in terms of reproduction, while promoting the unique object and small production. Because what is important to us is to make a small series able to be personalized and to propose tailor-made models that possess a strong identity and which also correspond to the customer.

How did you select the wood species you are working with?
We select the species we work on in accordance with mechanical structure and resistance of material issues.

Why wood?
On the one hand because it is a noble material that was innovative in eyewear, and ion the other hand, wood also allows us to work on a media of expression, more creative and a little different, which allows us to express ourselves on other materials and to invent new combinations rarely seen in eyewear. To really get out of the frames of traditional eyewear, we make associations, especially with acetate shavings or other materials that combine perfectly with wood. The idea of ​​valuing the residual elements at the beginning of the process appeared interesting and allows us to be able to reuse the raw material for real aesthetic purposes.

What determined your choice to work with a French manufacture?
In any project, the human aspect is important. Relationship is very important to us and developping local and French partnerships is going in that sense. The branches, for example, are shaped in the french region of Jura, made by one of the last craftsmen of the profession still working in France. We are keen to continue working with them, to maintain a relationship of trust and to be able to offer a 100% French product. But above all, to offer beautiful high quality products.

Sable by Cercle Magazine et Clément Lunetier

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