Benoît Trimborn

Benoît Trimborn is an artist whose practice focuses on an approach to contemporary landscape painting. He asked Cercle for the design, the art direction and the realization of a book[...]

Culture Schiltigheim 2019/2020

Cultural seasonal program 2019-2020 for Schiltigheim Culture. Art direction and production of adults and kids programs, posters, members cards and program of École des Arts.

Expérimentations Splendides

New identity for Expérimentations Splendides # 2, independent magazine dedicated to photography, handle by Stimultania, a photo gallery. Stimultania is a structure based in Strasbourg and Lyon. Founded in 1987,[...]

ANSSI – Papiers Numériques

Creation, realisation, and illustration of the new magazine Papiers Numériques. It replaces the usual activity report edited by ANSSI (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes Informatiques), France.

La Marseillaise

Conception and realization of the exhibition catalog La Marseillaise, at the musée historique de la ville de Strasbourg, the musée de la Révolution française au Domaine de Vizille and the[...]

Atelier Pandore

Atelier Pandore is a company on the border between the world of popular education and that of research in the human sciences. It defends the values ​​of democratization and accessibility[...]

Regards Croisés

Conception, producttion and data design of the publication Regards Croisés, a report of the projects carried out by student administrators, library curators and regional chief engineers 2020-2021 promotions of INET[...]


Tango&Scan is a financial support system by Accro (Strasbourg) for projects between a creative and a company, promoting the meeting between different sectors of activity. Artistic direction and production of[...]