The cover of Cercle Magazine # 3 congratulated at the 2015 Stacks Awards

Launched this year by Stack Magazines, the Stack Awards contest has unveiled the winners of its various categories. 170 applications and 76 magazines had taken part in the competition and submitted to prestigious jurors in the field of the independent magazine. It was during the ceremony held in London on November 30 that the winners were revealed, and that Cercle found himself in the top three, then congratulated for the cover of the number 3 on insects! Great joy! A big thank you to Sylvia Ugga, creator of the font of the last issue of Circle!

The list of winners by category below:

Cover of the year Best cover of the year! Cercle Magazine & Avaunt were congratulated for their coverage by the jury composed of Steven Heller and Jaap Biemans! The winner is Guts

Subscribers’ choice The choice of Stack subscribers Congratulations to Wrap and The Eighty-Eight The winner is The Outpost

Best original non-fiction Best non-fiction narrative Congratulations to Victory and Delayed Gratification Winner The Lifted Brow

Best original fiction Best fiction The winner is American Chordata

Best use of illustration Reward for the best use of illustration Congratulations to Little White Lies and The Ride Journal Winner Weapons of Reason

Best use of photography Reward for the best use of photography Congratulations to Four & Sons & Gather Journal The winner is Victory

Launch of the year Best launch of the year Congratulations to Benji Knewman & American Chordata The winner is Weapons of Reason

Magazine of the year The best magazine of the year Congratulations to Flaneur & The Outpost The winner is The Gourmand