Launching | 1 | Cercle Magazine n ° 3 – Paris

Friends from Paris and elsewhere, come and celebrate the release of Cercle Magazine N ° 3 on April 23 at the Artazart bookshop, Paris 10, from 19:00. In the presence of the magazine team and an “insect bar”, serve yourself, it’s dry. Cercle Magazine was also invited to dress the walls of the bookstore during the month of May.

— Circle Magazine n ° 3: Insects Independent thematic magazine published annually and disseminated internationally, bringing together the professional, literary, visual and artistic aspects of a theme. With this issue

> Travis Bedel Igor Siwanowicz Ryo Takemasa Toni Demuro Illustrations Alma Haser Alix Lukas Adam Batchelor Sam Droege Zachari Logan Catherine Chalmers Vittorio Ciccarelli Shikhei Goh Lea Barbazanges Emile Alain Seguy Marlene Huissoud Jan Fabre Cornélia Hesse-Honegger Micropolis Micronutris Strasbourg Zoological Museum Guy Théraulaz Sylvia Ugga Thailand Unique Hélène Dupont Simon Reynaud Florianne Lorin Marion Di Virgilio Thomas Lacroix Sebastien Mathieu Grégory Morel Leo Puel Amélie Secher