Livre et Territoire

Visual communication for Le Livre et le territoire event. Talks and workshops cycle organised by the Confédération de l'Illustration et du Livre.

Dim Sum Sam

Conception, art direction and production of DIM SUM SAM corporate identity. Dim Sum Bar and Asian Steam dishes

Rencontres de l’illustration 2016 event

Conception and art direction for the first edition of the event Les Rencontres de l'illustration set in Strasbourg, France. Les Rencontres de l'illustration aims to promote illustration accross several events,[...]

Design at the museum

Creation of a newspaper and cards for the event Le design au Musée of the Parc des Vosges du Nord, with the architect Estelle Fort and the designer Sonia Verguet. The aim[...]

Culture Schiltigheim 2018/2019

For the 2018/2019 season, the focus was on the map and the abstraction of the city, symbol of its diversity and its varied origins. Cercle has designed posters, season programs,[...]


Art direction and production of new identity of Shadok. Programs, posters, goodies, etc. The Shadok is a cross-media place for sharing and enhancing emerging artistic practices around the digital culture.

Schiltigheim Culture 2020-2021

Cultural seasonal program 2020-2021 for Schiltigheim Culture. Art direction and production of adults and kids programs, posters, members cards, videos, motion design and program of École des Arts.


Tango&Scan is a financial support system by Accro (Strasbourg) for projects between a creative and a company, promoting the meeting between different sectors of activity. Artistic direction and production of[...]

Festival by Accro

Festival is an event dedicated to creation, offering meetings, conferences, an exhibition aimed at making the link between design and business. Artistic direction and production for the brand identity, visual[...]

Stras’culture Live 2020-2021

Identity and community managment for Stras'Culture Live 2020-2021, an event organized by the Ville de Strasbourg to promote and support performing artists during the sanitary situation due to covid19. Art[...]