Cercle Studio
Les indépendants
38, rue Wimpheling
67000 Strasbourg


Marie Secher
(+33)6 87 16 04 28

Maxime Pintadu
(+33)6 99 72 85 89

Marlène Astrié
(+33)6 86 44 67 50


Cercle Studio is a graphic design and art direction studio located in Strasbourg, France. Cercle Studio has been founded by Marlene Astrie, Maxime Pintadu and Marie Secher. Editorial design is at the heart of our activities and we offer a contemporary and tailor-made visual language that combines stories, photographs, illustrations, typography, video or digital to convey the values and know-how of the entities we work with. Our ambition is to support the projects of our customers, especially in the field of the printed objects. Our approach on a current vision of communication is to define, to position and to support our clients’ projects from the understanding of the objectives, the graphic creation of the project up to the accompaniment for the finalization. We work on structures and brands’ external communication (visual identities, magazines, books, catalogs, lookbooks, programs, visuals, etc.) but also on internal communication (annual reports, activity reports, internal magazines, etc.) with special care for details. We collaborate with editors, photographers, illustrators, font designers, video directors or webdesigners to ensure the consistency of our clients’ projects. The format given to a message shapes how it will be perceived.



We are a  in charge of both the magazine and the graphic studio and we sometimes welcome trainees. If you like independent magazines, have a solid graphic culture, good drafting skills or serious commercial abilities, do not hesitate to send us a message.



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