• #6

Cercle magazine Dreams


  • Released on : 24 avril 2018
  • Format : 20 x 26,5 cm
  • ISSN : 2267-7399
  • ISBN : 978-2-9544175-5-4
  • 136 pages
  • Interviewes: Artist, Director, Sociologist, Ethnologist
    Ori Toor (Israel), Kazuhiro Hori (Japan), Reine Paradis (France), Clayton Woodley (USA), Minoru Nomata (Japan), Petros Koublis (Greece), Kevin Lucbert (France), Xiaoxiao Xu (China), Nick Hannes (Belgium), Craig Burrows (USA)…
    Font design: Mirage by Thierry Fétiveau
    Contributors :
    Estelle Fort, Léo Puel, Emilie Fernandez, Alexandre Rochon, Perrine Lotiron, Thomas Lacroix, Agata Felluga, Verene de Hutten, Studio Petit-Martin, Marion Cole

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PRESALES Order it now, no shipping fees Your copy will be shipped around the 20th of april Cercle Magazine is developing its sixth issue, and this year it will be marked by a new twist in the magazine editorial line, driven by the same spirit: to be always more curious. After five years, it seemed essential to us to redesign the formula. The editorial content is questioned again and the distribution of the sections has been rethought. The entire layout evolves too, with more elegance and greater legibility. Four conversations are each expanded on more pages explore the topic deeply. More importance is also given to the images for pleasant and fluid lecture. The concept stays the same : each year, one issue, each issue, one topic. For this new magazine, Dreams will be questioned. Glory or mere reverie, belief, illusion or envy, dreams can take as many forms as there are individuals. We study it, interpret it, abandon ourselves in dreams or simply vanish in it. Throught the opinions of four professionals working in art, cinema, anthropology, sociology, a portfolio introducing eleven artists, photographers or illustrators interviewed about their work, and sections even more precise, Cercle Magazine puts a certain look on this unconscious and fantasized notion of the human condition: Dreams.