Immersive canevas of Ran Ortner

The painter Ran Ortner, who was born in 1959 in San Francisco, is driven by rhythm, movement and the sensory system. The former professional motorbike racer and die-hard surfer developed a personal technique with a penchant for minimalism from 1990 onwards. He found the ideal language[...]

The Colorful Liquids from Leslie David

Leslie David founded her studio in Paris in 2008. Passionate about fashion and music, she has been working on projects and collaborations with the biggest brands and the greatest modern musicians. Leslie draws her inspiration from the textures, patterns, geometry of art deco shapes, the[...]

Marine life photography by Shane Gross

Shane Gross is a photojournalist. From Saskatchewan in Canada and rewarded on numerous occasions, he specializes in marine conservation shots. In 2012, he traveled to the Bahamas to document the splendor and degradation of the ocean environment. With his images and stories, Shane Gross tries[...]

The aquatic scenes of Christy Lee Rogers

Christy Lee Rogers is a visual artist from Kailua, Hawaii. Her obsession with water as a medium for breaking the conventions of contemporary photography has led to her work being compared to Baroque painting masters like Caravaggio. Boisterous in color and complexity, Rogers applies her[...]

Min Jung-Yeon 's organic shapes

Born in 1979 in South Korea, Min Jung-Yeon is graduated from Hongick University in Seoul and the Beaux-Arts in Paris. Regularly exhibited in galleries located in Asia, Europe and in Orient since 2004, she also participated in Medi(t)ation, the third Asian contemporary art biennial presented[...]

Illustrations by Rob Bailey

Hailing from Manchester, Rob Bailey's distinctive imagery is created not by line work but by combining shapes. Always beautifully observed yet heavily stylised, his work is sometimes bold and reductive but, when necessary is more complex and detailed. Although his image-creation process tends to begin[...]

Beach Scene by Stephen Abela

Abela’s work could cheekily be captioned as ‘’Painting the high life and other scenes of pleasure.’’ A slight variant on Slim Aarons quote: “painting attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places” almost sums it up. His painting is based on various sources, from vintage[...]

Ocean from the sky by Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang was born in 1970 in Crailsheim in the South of Germany. Since 1993 he’s based in Munich. And since 2000 he is working as freelance photographer. In his Aerial Views series, he's interested in finding patterns and structures, which sometimes look like abstract[...]

Comfort Zone by Tadao Cern

In 2011, Tadao Cern decides to change from a career in architecture to photography. He began with an extreme series of wind-swept portraits called Blow Job, _Revealing the Truth_ and Comfort Zone, a documentary photo project of beach sunbathers, each of which gained considerable attention.[...]

Delaney Allen's dazzling sea

Young photographer based in Portland, Oregon, Delaney Allen captures dreamy landscapes bringing out nature’s majestic beauty. Texas-born Allen travels a lot and loves isolation. He rarely captures people and when he does, it is either his girlfriend or himself. In his images of the sea,[...]
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